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Programs and Services




"Healing Families, one family at a time"

Anger Management Counseling:

Allows the client the opportunity to identify their source of anger, express their feeling and emotions, develop coping skills and alternatives for handling their anger. 

Annual Family Celebrations:

This is a free program that celebrates families, recognizes and honors the families that we provide services to, as well as, honoring individuals from the community achieving excellence by faith. 

Community Linkage Services:

A free referral service of various agencies in the community.

Community Outreach Program:

This is a free program that provides emergency food, clothing, coats, personal care items, household items, gifts, toys, educational supplies, wedding assistance and emergency assistance services to individuals and families in need.

Domestic Violence Counseling:

Rescue is a therapeutic approach to end family violence. In this program we address the entire family; the victim, the abuser, the children and the family members that suffer as a result of being exposed to domestic violence. We allow the victim the opportunity to identify domestic violence abuses suffered by the abuser and recognize the red flag signs of power and control. These services allow the client the opportunity to understand the abuse triangle, the traumatic, neurological, psychological and cognitive effects of domestic violence abuse on their lives and their effects on children witnessing domestic violence. Allows the victim the opportunity to rise from the victimization stage to begin the healing process, stating healing affirmations and moving on to establishing new healthy and wholesome relationships.

Educational Training & Workshops:

A community based program that brings together families, professionals, businesses, community leaders and government entities to meet various educational needs of individuals and families in our communities.

Family Counseling/ Family Therapy Sessions:

Needs Based - In Home and In Community –Wrap -A- Round family counseling, mentoring and therapeutic intervention services provided by experienced BA, MA, MS, MSW , LSW, LCSW, LCADC, PhD level Family Therapist and Social Workers. 

Family Foundational Structuring:

Building your family on a foundation of love consisting of husband and wife, a father and a mother; the biological essence of male and female as the essential blue print for building the family. Establishing order and structure in the home. Establishing a realistic family plan that includes providing love, food, clothing, shelter, discipline and education for the well being of the entire family; Establishing family rules, values and responsibilities for all family members living in the family home. (Thompson, Mary 2010, 2013). For additional information on Family Foundational Structuring Theoretical Perspective, please contact Mrs. Mary Thompson @ 609-835-6569.

Grief & Loss Counseling:

Allows the client to identify their loss experienced, discuss the circumstances, feelings, and effects of the loss on their life. Allows the client to verbalize and understand the steps in the grief and loss process, resolve the loss and begin to form healthy new relationships. 

IIC/BA- Intensive In-Home / In-Community and Behavioral Assistance:

A system of care designed by the State of New Jersey Department of Human Services offering and providing, Biopsychosocial Needs Assessments, family- centered, community- based, in home/ in community therapeutic interventions and behavioral assistance services to children and families in need of emotional and behavioral health care services in New Jersey. To access our services through PERFORMCARE visit the link below:

Independent Living Skills:

Daily living skills, family financial planning & home economics techniques providing basic tips on managing individual and family finances, budgeting, household management and preparation for independent living.

Marriage & Family Counseling:

Allows couples to learn more effective ways to communicate with each other and develop healthy positive relationships.

Occupational Therapy:

OT addresses a variety of health and wellness areas of concern including: Depression and anxiety management, Rehabilitation and Recovery, Community reintegration, Employment preparation and Sensory processing deficits.

Parenting Classes:

This Class is taught in the home, as well as in a supportive environment for parents to help them learn effective parenting skills, communicate with other parents and receive individual counseling with a Therapist after the class is over.


We pray with and for all of our families.

Substance Abuse Counseling:

Allows the individual the opportunity to explore their feelings and discuss problems related to their particular addictions. Using the Twelve Step Philosophy of Recovery, Therapists provide a comfortable, caring and supportive environment that is conducive to overcoming addictions.

Supportive Care Services:

Case management services provided in the community to high risk families, homeless families, individuals suffering domestic violence and abuse.

Support Group Meetings:

This is a free program that allows individuals and families to connect in a positive productive manner and provide support for each other.

~~All Sessions facilitated by Experienced BA, MA, MSW, LSW, LCSW, LCADC, LPC, PhD and Licensed level therapists; Certified Needs Assessors, Certified and Clinically Certified Domestic Violence Counselors, Individual, Marriage and Family Therapists - 1 month to 3 year programs available - Certificate given at successful completion of program.

Cash App: $ConnectFamilyCenter

Registered with:

America Works


NJ DHS - New Jersey Department of Human Services

NJ DCF - New Jersey Department of Children and Families

NJ CSOC - New Jersey Children's System of Care

DCBHS - Division of Child Behavioral Health Services

New Jersey State Approved Medicaid Provider

New Jersey Courts - Community Service


UCM and CMO – Care Management Organizations - Partners for Kids & Families




211 Contact

VCCO Provider, Victims of Crime and Domestic Violence


Initial Assessment Screening - Starting at $350.00 per person/per session

Individual Therapy Sessions - Starting at $125.00 per person/per hour/ per session

Family and Group Sessions - Starting at $50.00 per person/per hour/ per session

Method of payment:

Cash, Cash App, Checks, Credit Cards, Flex Funds, Medicaid, Medical Insurance, Money Orders, Pay Pal, PPO, Sliding Scale and out of network services also available.

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